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Ass Play together

You did such a great job last time and we have both been craving it again. This time we'll really make sure your prostrate is good and stimulated. I love when we do ass play together. I've got my favorite new purple vibe and I'm ready to cum hard on it while you watch me fuck myself in the ass. Ready? Let's cum more then once together, I love that too.
Ass Play together

Tuesday September 4
Wednesday September 5
Thursday September 6
Telling your wife off

Hello there, you don't know me but your husband and I have been being very naughty together. It all started with his panty obsession. I thought us girls should meet, chat and get on the same page. After all there is much enjoyment that you can partake in with this little arrangement.
Telling your wife off

Friday September 7
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Spider G Hitachi Cum

I’ve been so horny for days thinking about Pete coming over and finally getting to have him. I’ve been masturbating thinking about how good his body will feel on mine. I know he will be so surprised to see its really me Gwen.

I’m so nervous, I have to release some of the tension before I explode. Good thing I love my Hitachi. I’ll make myself cum so hard and make my pretty pink pussy all puffy and cute for P when he gets here.
Spider G Hitachi Cum

Tuesday September 11
Wednesday September 12
Spider G Pix

We have all had that guy we had a huge crush on right? But he doesn't know the real you… well my guy's name is Pete and sadly he only knows me as Spider G, the web slinging hot chick who has saved his ass more times then we can count.

Thats all about to change though I've convinced him to stop. Once he gets here I'm going to seduce him then finally tell him exactly who I am. Do you think he will like recognize me in this? I've been masturbating thinking about how good it will feel to feel his body on mine.
Spider G Pix

Thursday September 13
Friday September 14
Fucking Spider G

Hi Pete, I've got a surprise for you. I've been thinking about this day for a long time. I want to feel your eyes scanning my sexy curves, your hands tracing circles around my perky hard nipples, I want to feel you deep inside my wet little hole.

First you fingers then your hard cock. I can't wait to taste your pre cum as I swirl my tongue around your cock. Don't play shy, I've seen the way you look at me and I know you've been craving me too.
Fucking Spider G

Saturday September 15
Spider G Candids

Spider G Candids

Sunday September 16
Monday September 17
Let's Get You Off JOI

You've been such a good listener, we love when you listen to us and od exactly as we say. Now its time to put that to the test. How long can you last while we both tease you hard then instruct you exactly how we want you to get off.

We'll make sure to give you some hot visuals while you stroke. After all we don't want to make this too easy for you do we. If you can last to the very end we'll make sure to give you a little something extra next time.
Let's Get You Off JOI

Tuesday September 18
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Thursday September 20
Lotion Titty Cum

It's hard to resist a pair of big perky full breasts isn't it? I bet you find yourself gentle stroking or tugging on yourself through your pants. No need to be shy, pull out your hard rod and I'll tell you exactly how I want you to stroke it for me...

Maybe I'll even let you cum all over my tits... maybe.
Lotion Titty Cum

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Oiled Up Redhead Pix

Coming 09/24/2018

You have to admit it, you love a bad girl! You pretend like you don't but then you see her in her fishnets, thong body suit and choker. She's not afraid to show off her hot body and tease you with it till you give her what she wants.

You know you want to but you'll play uninterested for a little while just to see what she does next to tease you harder. What if she grabs a bottle of baby oil? She knows you love shinny things…
Oiled Up Redhead Pix

Tuesday September 25
Wednesday September 26
Oiled Up Redhead

Coming 09/26/2018

Once that bad girl has you and your cock exactly where she wants you, then its her turn to play. She loves the feel of your hard dick in her oiled up hands.

The taste of your pre cum on her tongue as she stroked and sucks you till your legs shake and your balls are tight… she wants that hot salty treat and she wants it deep inside her mouth! Mmmm then she'll show you exactly how much that treat turns her on.
Oiled Up Redhead

Thursday September 27
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Inappropriate Modelling

Coming 09/30/2018

I never said I was a proper girl or that I like to follow the rules, in fact I think I silently stated otherwise to just about everyone. With that in mind you shouldn't be surprised that while modelling a sexy new bra and pair of panties for you I was very inappropriate.

Bringing up all sorts of dirty details about my sexy apparel and how it accentuates all my dangerous curves all in the pursuit of driving you wild and making you desperately want to stroke it to me.
Inappropriate Modelling

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