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BBC For Cool Chick

This cool girl is hungry for something. Hungry to be your favorite fantasy girl next door. I know you love when I share my dirty fantasies with you when I embrace my slutty side and tell.. or better yet show you what has gotten me so wet lately.. This time I’ve been craving a hot ass BBC and I can't wait to show and tell you, no show you all about what exactly turns me on so much about this naughty fantasy.
BBC For Cool Chick

Saturday August 3
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Countdown Hottie JOI

I know you love watching me move, the way I sway my hips and shake my body is so captivating you find it almost hypnotic. I love seeing that look on your face that tells me I have you under my spell. I know that at that moment you’ll do anything I want you to for my body. Lucky for you what I want is for you to stroke your hard dick for me. I love watching and seeing how horny I make you. Don’t worry I’ll help guide you along and when its time I will give you a count down and tell you exactly where I would like you to cum.
Countdown Hottie JOI

Wednesday August 7
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Cum Obsessed

Hello there, thank you for staying late I needed to discuss a few things with you, a side project that you would be perfect for. I have noticed you glancing at me and well I just have to know what your cock looks, taste and feels like. You don’t mind fucking the boss right? Mmm I can’t wait to taste that hot thick load of yours… I’m so cum obsessed I just have to have it over and over and over again.
Cum Obsessed

Saturday August 10
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Captain A Pics

When faced with impossible odds, when you need a true hero, someone to save the people and protect those who can’t you know who you call… Captain A. Except this isn’t the usual Captain A this time she’s sleeker, hotter and sexier than ever. She’s up to any hard ride, any deep throat required to save the day.
Captain A Pics

Tuesday August 13
Captain A Pics BTS

Captain A Pics BTS

Wednesday August 14
Captain A Tease

This isn’t the usual Captain A, she’s slender, strong and built to drive you wild. Let’s see how long you can withstand her hero charm before giving into her deepest desires.
Captain A Tease

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Captain A

When someone steals something you call the cops. When someone scams you out of something you get a lawyer. When an alien invasion threatens the very lives of all those who live on earth you call Captain A. She’ll take care of those aliens even if it means sucking and fucking their blue members till they agree to leave.
Captain A

Sunday August 18
Monday August 19
Amateur Playtime 2

Coming 08/19/2019

More of my amateur files for you guys… I love sharing myself with you all. Finding new fun, flirty and dirty ways really gets me excited… this is a really long jerk off instruction show I did and I couldn’t help but press record and save it for you guys! I was so turned on, so horny and my clit was so hard I came. So freaked much! I hope you enjoy
Amateur Playtime 2

Tuesday August 20
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Hot Wife Storytime

Coming 08/22/2019

Story time… I know you love when I am a good little slut for you. I love being the hot wife for you hunnies. Teasing you, getting us both so worked up. I’ve been way to shy to act on our fantasies until now… With you permission and encouragement I finally take the plunge!! It was so hot! Just wait till you hear all about it I’m wet just thinking about tell you.
Hot Wife Storytime

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3 Wishes JOI

Coming 08/27/2019

Your Genie has arrived and she has 3 wishes to grant you. Choose wisely though for once your wishes are gone your gene must return to the bottle and all your fun with her is over. Ask her the right wish and you might get to play with her and her perfect boobs. Show her how long you can last and how good you’d make her feel and you might keep her forever.
3 Wishes JOI

Wednesday August 28
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Anal Slut For Daddy

Coming 08/30/2019

I love being daddy’s little slut. I love worshiping him, being bad for him and letting him use my body however he wants. I get so wet just thinking about the ways that daddy will let me be a slut for him today. I really hop he uses my tight little butt however he wants… mmm I’ve been craving being daddy’s anal slut.
Anal Slut For Daddy

Saturday August 31