Sunday May 28
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Thursday May 2
Villian JOI

Sometimes it feels so deliciously good to be bad. I know everyone wants to be the hero, the good guy but trust me when I say being the villain is so enticing that I bet you can resist. Let me show you and tell you just how good teaming up with me and being a villain can be.
Villian JOI

Friday May 3
Saturday May 4
Sunday May 5
Monday May 6
Tuesday May 7
Jessica Pics

There is something about a sexy curvy red head who loves to tease you and please you. Jessica is no exception, the epitome of the perfect temptress. Lucky for you she only has eyes for you and can't wait to be your naughty little play thing.
Jessica Pics

Wednesday May 8
Jessica Pics BTS

Jessica Pics BTS

Thursday May 9
Friday May 10

Hello Mr Rabbit... I’m so happy to see you. I was feeling lonely so thought I’d get ready for when you came home. Now that your here, I am putting on a show just for you. I want to tease you relentlessly till your so hard you cant keep your hands, mouth and cock away from me. Lets see how long you can hold out while I turn it up.

Saturday May 11
Sunday May 12
Monday May 13
Impregnation Bribe

Mr Scott you sure are well set up here, its too bad that you don’t have anyone to look in on you. I don’t mind doing it from time to time. What’s that? You had a dirty idea that you want to see if I’m up for? You’ll pay off my student loans and set me up nice? What on earth could it be? I get a bonus if what…
Impregnation Bribe

Tuesday May 14
Wednesday May 15
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Friday May 17
Edging JOI

I want to try something, I promise you’ll love it but you have to trust me, follow my instruction and only cum when I say. I’ve been practicing my edging skills and it’s time we make you cum harder then ever. I want to make those balls tight, you dick throb snd your mind spin only then will I let you cum for me. Ready?
Edging JOI

Saturday May 18
Sunday May 19
Monday May 20
Sex Hair

NO matter how hard you try or what you do sex hair is something that is unavoidable. To be honest I think sex hair is super sexy, especially when you look at your partner afterwards and can tell your at least partially to blame for their messed up do. When on vacation I think sex hair is a must for at least some of the days… you just try and not remember this intimate encounter when you look at me with my messy sex hair after this.
Sex Hair

Tuesday May 21
Wednesday May 22
Sunset Bikini Pics

Coming 05/22/2019

I love the feel of the hot sun on my skin, the ocean breeze in my hair and knowing that your watching me. How better to remember our beach vacation then getting some sunset curvy skimpy bikini pics.
Sunset Bikini Pics

Thursday May 23
Friday May 24
Cheetah Strip Tease

Coming 05/24/2019

Meow… there is something auto animal print that is super hot in that naughty wild animal kind of way. I dare you to try and resist this cheetah clad babe as she teases and strips just for your personal enjoyment.
Cheetah Strip Tease

Saturday May 25
Sunday May 26
Monday May 27
Hypno Pendant JOI

Coming 05/27/2019

I know you love a big pair of perfect tits, you cant resist sneaking glances at them everywhere you go. You’ve been caught a few times and turned a little red didn’t you. Not to worry this isn’t one of those times, if your a good boy and do all that I say you can see my big bouncy perfect breasts naked. I’ll even let you stroke to them, I’ll even encourage you to stroke for me, count you down and tell you where you can explode. All you have to do is be a good boy and do what I say.
Hypno Pendant JOI

Tuesday May 28
Wednesday May 29
Thursday May 30
Black Lingerie Anal

Coming 05/30/2019

I’m a sucker for a tight sheer set of black lingerie, its in the way it hugs my curves and accentuates my naughty bits. Lucky for me you love it just as much! Theres something else that we both love that I want to share with you too… my tight little pink butt hole! I love stretching it out, playing with it till I cant take it any longer and cum hard and fast just for you.
Black Lingerie Anal

Friday May 31
Saturday May 1