1. Are the models on dating sites?

No, they are not.

2. Where are the model's facebook pages?

None of the BellaPass ladies are on facebook, nor do they want to be on FB. They simply don't like Facebook. If you see a Bella on Facebook, it's a faker. Report the fake profile to us at james@bellapass.com and I'll reward you with an extra week of membership for your time! thanks guys!

3. How do I cancel my membership?

Canceling your membership can be done by going to the CCbill support site and entering in two of three questions they ask you.

https://support.ccbill.com is where you go to do this.

Sorry to see you go and hope to see you again!

4. Is there a daily download limit?

Yes there is, to prevent abuse of the server. The daily limit is 30 gigs per day but we may be raising this limit in the near future if we see people getting suspended often.

Our goal at Bella is to make your life easier, and the only reason we even have a download limit is to try and prevent or at least slow down the people that join with intent of stealing content and posting for free.

If your membership is suspended, it will reopen exactly 24 hours later. This effects less than 1% of people so our guess is that you'll be fine.

5. I have another question that is not answered here

GREAT! Send me an email and I'll add it to the list.